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8 Internal Search Function Mistakes You Must Avoid When Creating One For Your Ecommerce Website 

With the advancement in online shopping, more brands are entering the world of e-commerce. Every e-commerce website wants to generate maximum sales and it can be achieved by increasing traffic and conversions. In this e-commerce SEO plays an important role to generate organic traffic and sales. Businesses that operate on the Internet are under immense pressure to optimise every area of their business as the digital market grows more and more. 

It becomes extremely tough to determine what is wrong with your strategy and how to correct it. Hire an seo consultant in Singapore who can help with your website to grow in the online world.

Hiding the Search Box

When users want to search but cannot find the search box, they become annoyed. eCommerce sites with hundreds of products should never make their search boxes difficult to find. It will irritate your consumers. Instead, place your site’s search box in a prominent spot, make it visible, and instruct people on how to utilise it.

Poor Image Quality:

The most powerful and meaningful memories are regarded to be visual recollections. High-quality photos are essential, especially for products, because they demonstrate your brand’s distinct selling point. Pixelated photos might harm the reputation of your website. A detailed description also assists clients in understanding the ramifications and making decisions.

Website Content:

The content of your website has a big influence on the overall development of your e-commerce website. Websites with organically optimised search engine content rank higher in search results. Using keywords, creating engaging headlines, blogging, and internal and external linking are all crucial components.

Content is an essential resource for achieving your specific objectives. A professional and experienced seo agency in Singapore can help you in writing SEO optimised content.

Filter for No Product Categories

If consumers need to jump from one store to the next while shopping online, it becomes very stressful. Consider how annoying it might be to sift through hundreds of search results to locate what you’re searching for. Offer them exactly what they are searching for on the Internet. 

Customer Service:

The concept of including a customer service button on a website that allows users to write an email or speak with a company executive is generally recognised. Adding customer service support to your website is critical since customers regularly want assistance for a variety of reasons. It helps you look more trustworthy and reputable in the eyes of your audience.

Natural Language Processing Algorithms Are Not Considered

The interaction between computer language and human language is known as natural language processing (NLP). 

The site search feature relies heavily on NLP.  For example, it understands that the phrases ‘women’s clothing’ and ‘women’s garments’ are interchangeable. It understands linguistic variances, slang, and abbreviations, in addition to synonymous terms.

Making site search difficult for mobile devices 

If your site search isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re missing out on the majority of your prospective clients. Brands should enhance their ecommerce internal search options for mobile devices. Hire the best seo company in Singapore for website optimization .

 Poor Starter Text

Start text is a term or phrase that appears in the search box before users write in their searches. The starting text’s objective is to encourage people to utilise the e-commerce search functionality and to demonstrate what keywords or phrases users may enter into the search bar.

Taking Out Security Measures:

Consumer data security should be one of your top concerns. Strong security elements embedded into the architecture of your website protect ownership, deter online attacks, and boost reputation.


Hire the best seo company in Singapore to avoid such mistakes and increase your traffic. By that point, it would have an indirect influence on all of your digital marketing activities.

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