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The Top Questions To Ask When Buy For SEO Services
When you’re looking to hire a professional SEO agency, there are a lot of questions to ask (and answer!) before signing on the dotted line. You want to ensure that your investment will produce the best results and means a profitable return for your business. To help get the most for your money, here are the top 12 questions to ask when hiring an SEO company to make sure you pick the right fit:

1. What is your philosophy for approaching SEO to deliver results?

A good SEO company will be able to explain its customized approach for targeting your desired keywords and positioning your website for success in search engine optimization results. Ask for an explanation of the strategy and how it will be adapted to your business’s unique brand, industry, and niche.

2. What metrics define “success” for you?

When it comes to getting the most out of SEO services, it is important to have a measurable goal and a clear definition of what success looks like. A reputable SEO agency should have key performance indicators (KPIs) clearly defined and explain the metric they will use to measure progress and the ultimate success of the projects.

3. How long will it be until we can expect to see results?

While each SEO campaign is unique, there are still standard timelines for delivering results. Reputable SEO companies should be forthcoming about their timeline for results and won’t promise you results in an unrealistic timeframe.

4. How do you approach mobile?

With mobile search surpassing desktop searches, it is key for any SEO campaign to account for this shift. Your SEO firm should have tactics in place to ensure mobile searches are optimized.

5. How should SEO incorporate into our overall marketing strategy?

An effective SEO strategy should incorporate tactics that complement your broader marketing efforts. Think of SEO as a piece of the puzzle – one that when used correctly can drive significant results.

6. How do you conduct keyword research?

A successful SEO agency should always begin the process with thorough keyword research. This important step will be used to identify the key search terms that your website should be targeting and how to use those terms to create compelling content.

7. How do you approach link-building and influencer marketing?

Link-building and influencer marketing are two key elements of any SEO strategy. Your SEO firm should provide a customized approach to link-building, as well as identify potential key influencers that would be able to help spread the word about your business.

8. What tools do you use?

While SEO is more than just using tools, a reputable agency should be able to identify the major tools they use to monitor SEO progress and to identify reporting and analytics.

9. How do you report on progress and what does it look like?

An SEO firm should provide reporting and metrics that clearly outline successes (or areas to adjust if necessary) so that you can track progress and measure ROI. Make sure you ask what reporting looks like and that the agency is prepared to communicate progress in key areas.

10. How do you stay up-to-date on industry changes and Google updates?

Google’s algorithm changes often and your SEO firm needs to be able to stay on top of changes and adapt its tactics accordingly. Ask about specific tactics for staying up-to-date on the latest industry changes and the strategies the firm will use to adjust to Google’s ever-changing algorithm.

11. What do you need from us to be effective?

SEO is a collaborative effort between your business and the firm, so make sure you understand what resources you need to provide for the agency to be successful. This can include assets such as content, images, etc. that will be needed, as well as information on your target audience.

12. Are there any limitations on what you can do?

Whether due to the scope of the project or other factors, some SEO firms may have limitations on what can be done. Make sure to ask so that you can understand the full picture of what services can as well as can’t be provided in the project.

The right SEO firm should be a trusted partner in helping you grow your business. By asking the right questions, you can able to identify the best fit and make sure that you’re investing in the right SEO company for your business. Researching upfront can save you time, money, and headaches down the road.
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